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We list below some books we recommend:

My Dad’s Brilliant – Nick Butterworth ISBN: 0-7445-8248-2
My Mum’s Fantastic ISBN: 0-7445-8249-0
My Grandpa is Amazing ISBN: 07445-8250-4
My Grandma is Wonderful Courage ISBN: 07445-8351-2
Who is the World For – Tom Powell and Robert Ingpen 07445-8345-8
I’m Special, I’m me – Anna Meek ISBN: 1-85340-816-6
Frog is a Hero – Max Veltaijis ISBN: 0-86264 -761-1
Zoe and the Fairy Medicine – Jane Andrews ISBN: 1-85340-816-6
Broken Bird- Michael Broad ISBN: 9-780141-381589

Q Pootles – Nick Butterworth ISBN: 0-00-664712-x
The Happy Hedgehog – Martin Waddell ISBN: 0-7445-3049-0
64 Zoo Lane: Zed the Zebra- An Vrombaut Hodder Children’s Books ISBN 0 340 79560 3
Zed boasts that he is faster than all the other animals. They challenge him to an obstacle race. Each animal’s talent helps overcome an obstacle. They finish because they have worked together. Zed’s vanity prevents him from winning.
That’s Why – Babette Cole 978-0-099-46399-3
Mr Gumpy’s Outing – John Burningham ISBN: 0-140050300-5
Room on the Broom –Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler Macmillan ISBN 0 333 90338 2
On a windy day the witch looses various items as she flies. Different animals help her find them and join her on the broom. The broom breaks and the witch encounters a dragon that wants to eat her. The animals work together to frighten the dragon away. A fun book written in rhyme
The Enormous Turnip - traditional


Gentle Giant- Michael Morpurgo- HarperCollins ISBN 0 00 711064 2
A man who had grown so large that he frightened the villagers. A girl learns his true nature and with him rescues the village from environmental disaster brought about by their greed. Michael Morpurgo writes beautifully as ever and Michael Foreman illustrates.
Who is the World for?- Tom Pow Walker Books ISBN 0 7445 8245 8 A beautifully illustrated book. Various young animals ask their parents who the world is for and the parents explain the aspects of their environment that meet their needs. A boy asks his father who the world is for and the father explains that it is for all the animals and the people in it.
Friends – Kathyrn Cove and Nick Maland ISBN: 0340-65600
Give the Dog a Bone – Alan Alberg
64 Zoo Lane: Kevin the Crocodile- An Vrombaut. Hodder Children’s Books ISBN 0 34 79562 X
Kevin is a friendly crocodile. Victor, a mean crocodile, persuades Kevin that he is not a proper crocodile and teaches him ways to be mean. When Victor turns on Kevin’s friends Kevin realizes that he doesn’t want to follow Victor’s ways and defends his friends- being true to himself.

Willy the Wimp – Anthony Browne

Flapjack and Waddle – Jacques Duquennoy and George Adams
Frog and the Stranger – Max Veluthuijis 086264 625-1
Titch and Daisy – Pat Hutchins 0-09-971801-4
The Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfischer ISBN: 1-55858-009-3

The Trouble with Dad – Babette Cole

Silly Suzi Goose – Peter Horacek ISBN: 1-84428-2171


64 Zoo Lane: Georgina the Giraffe- An Vrombaut Hodder Children’s Books ISBN 0 340 78861 5
Georgina sings a boastful song, which ties her neck into a knot. Her friends try to help. The monkeys take her to a knot doctor who finds a cure. Georgina appreciates her friends and is sorry for being boastful.


The Smartest Giant in Town- Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler Macmillan ISBN 0 333 96396 2
In an attempt to smarten himself up the giant replaces his old clothes. He then gradually gives them away helping other creatures. He is left with just his underwear and returns to the shop to find it closed but with his old clothes outside- that feel very comfortable. The animals he has helped write him a thank-you letter to the kindest giant in town. Another book written in rhyme.

Ruby and Little Joe – Angela McAllister ISBN: 0-689-87243-7
Elephant Dance – Theresa Herne 1-905-236-75-6
Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney and Anita Jera
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too? – Eric Carle
Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? Martin Wadell
The Elephant and the Bad Baby – Raymond Briggs

The Bad-Tempered Ladybird – Eric Carle
The Little Red Hen – traditional tale
A Squash and a Squeeze- Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler Macmillan ISBN1 405 00477 0
A reworking of an old tale, in humorous rhyme. The Old Woman feels her house is too small. The wise man advises her to add more and more animals and eventually remove them all at which point the house feels spacious. A change of perspective makes the difference.
Angus Rides the Goods Train – Alan Durant and Chris Riddell ISBN: 0-552 – 54889
Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish – Michael Foreman

A Squash and a Squeeze – Julia Donaldson

Frog and the Stranger – Max Velthujis ISBN: 0-86264628
Snap – Damian Hervey ISBN: 978-1-84362 805-1
This is our House – Michael Rosen ISBN: 0-7445 3750-9
The Trouble with Mum – Babette Cole ISBN: 0-7497-1020-9
Two Monsters- David McKee
Two monsters, either side of a mountain, have a different perspective on the sunset they see (day going/ night arriving). They fight and destroy the mountain between them and can then see each other’s point of view.
Tusk Tusk- David McKee
Warfare develops between two rival groups of elephants- the black and the white. They eventually destroy each other. From the jungle emerge the peace-loving grey elephants-created from the union of black and white. At the end of the book the short and long tusks are giving each other funny looks... A useful book for exploring how we deal with people who are different to us.

Angelina On Stage – Katharine Holabird ISBN: 978-0-0141-50102-4

Brother Eagle Sister Sky – Susan Jeffers
Who is the World For? – Nick Butterworth ISBN: 0-7445-8248-2

Fairy tales- Terry Jones.
A collection of ‘modern fairy tales’, mostly fairly short, many of which can be used as starting points.
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters- John Steptoe Hodder and Stoughton ISBN 0 3405 3233 5
Mufaro has two beautiful daughters, with different temperaments. The King wants a wife and the daughters are sent to him. On the journey the king appears to them in magical disguises, such as a hungry boy and eventually chooses his wife based on the way they behaved towards him. Beautifully illustrated. This is based on an African folk tale.
Frog books – Max Velthuijs Anderson Press.
Various books that can be used as starting points, for example Frog is Frog- Frog tries to copy the talents of other animals- unsuccessfully and eventually realises he must be true to himself

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