The PSHE Association has produced Guidance and lessons plans for schools on preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing. The mental health guidance has been produced under a grant from the Department for Education and is accompanied by a set of lesson plans spanning key stages 1-4.

https://www.pshe-association.org.uk/cur ... health-and

The lesson plans are designed to be used in conjunction with the guidance, with topics including teaching children how to describe emotions, talk about anxiety and worries, and develop coping strategies.
Lessons aimed at key stages 3 and 4 also cover eating disorders, self-harm and depression and anxiety.

Key issues are covered, include:
Why it is important to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing
Building teaching about mental health into a planned PSHE programme
Promoting wellbeing and resilience from an early age
Ensuring teaching is appropriate to the age and maturity of pupils
Key principles in teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing safely and confidently
Using visitors to the classroom to support lessons
Addressing challenging mental health issues such as eating disorders, self-harm and suicide

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